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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Flowers Are For Dudes Too.

We have a girl house,
there is little debate.

3 short ones.




But we love boys too!

And boys get a raw deal when it comes to flowers.

I know genetics are powerful,
and gender socialization
big time,
but seriously...

Who decided flowers were just for girls?


Flowers are for everyone!!

We have a dad friend with a boy
and he loves to garden

Lately he's on a Dahlia kick.

So the shorty 'needed' this very manly
flower shirt to offset his
trucks and tough-guy hand-me-downs.

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  1. Hey Sandra I'm a silent follower!! And have nominated you for a blog award... If you would like to accept it's on my blog! :)

    PS balderdash indeed!!! love your new creation!!

  2. I'll second that 21y.o. son enjoys a wander round the garden with me and I point out all my favourite flowers. Instilling an appreciation of the simple things in life is one of the best things you can do, whatever their age.....
    I'm sure this little dude is going to be one little cutie in his new onesie.

    Claire :}