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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Click Clack, Tick Tock.

It's the middle of summer,

 and button flowers are blooming

while the appropriateness of cool blue wool
is keeping us dumbfounded,

but snugly.

Apparently, against my best intentions...

Yu gets a Phoebe sweater too.

With no one to hand it down to,
my old self would have said
it seems kind of nuts to meditate on each woolly stitch.
Each click and clack.
Each $ sign, for each beautiful skein.

Now that I'm a little more seasoned with the knit & purl,
I don't barf at the thought of frogging a mistake
(I even know what 'frogging' means!)

And what I used to think of as the insanity
 in time and effort spent
knitting countless strands together for no good reason...

Well, now this has morphed into
my understanding of
the very best reason.

Taking care and attention for someone I love.
Practicing patience and stillness in the midst of utter mayhem.
Dragging something soft and beautiful around
and practicing craft and artistry en route to play dates
or grocery shopping...

Well now,
that makes utter and the most complete sort of sense.

If life is such a flurry
and so much of what we do and say and buy
reflects this buzzing and busy-ing.

Then slowing down,
and stitching away for the transitory swaddling
of a wee-loved-one in a handmade knit,

 is the sort of sweet nonsensical sensing
I want to participate in. a stitch in between the stitches in time.

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  1. Of course it's all worth it. She's a great little person!

  2. Certainly sounds like you are well and truly hooked and isn't it wonderful to create with yarn?......
    Gorgeous pics and what a cute little model. Love the buttons too....

    Claire :}