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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anti Bullying Day

Little Pu is in a kickball class,
and today the teacher told her
everyone had to wear pink tomorrow,
 because it's anti bullying day.

I used to teach anti violence workshops to girls.
And, I'll definitely teach my girls
how to break a nose
5 different ways,
just in case.

Knowledge is power after all.

Besides it's easier to be peaceful
when you're not afraid.

Well, we are not a house of pink.
And lately all clothes have been driving Pu bonkers.
But when I asked her if she wanted me
to make her
a pinkish shirt she said yes!

I had three stash fabrics with pink bits.
She chose the polka dots.

Tomorrow will be a test.

What will win?
The 'pink' or the bully clothes?

The shirt lost to Pu's anti clothes position.

Thank goodness for Nu.

Instant hand-me-downs.

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