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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Resurfacing and springing into Spring

Out from the depths I resurface!
I have been negligent!

Time for a much overdue update!
Marrying kids and creativity seems increasingly difficult for me these days.

Now that I'm not hostage to a nap schedule
 I am filling my world with kid-centric stuff
Volunteering here, there and doing some advocacy.

But I miss making things and art and happiness.
I miss the energy it brings me. 
Hopefully it will come.

Over here...
Little people are still trying on big clothes
(Here the wedding cape of FakeAuntie's mom)

Waaaaay back in February we made pancakes 
and arrow-art to hang in our new garden.

The Littlest one and I built the mobile and it greeted
folks on Valentines Day.

Lately we've been planting

and wiggling. 

...and growing up. 

The girls are big enough that it was time to send off this 
home made tent from way back when I made a cozy tent

Confession: Sad to let it go. 
But, it went to a good Montessori kindergarten classroom
So Nu will get to play in it next year.

These hooligans are fast friends these days and boy do they know how to giggle.

All the Monkeys Remain Cheeky

And although the MAKE wanes, the play remains.