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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

This Weird Moment

Things here have been cruising along in the land of weird.

I mean, I don't think it's normal to dress up like
bumblebee related creatures and march in a parade...

but why be normal ?
Someone else is probably taking care of that job.

Life is green here. 

The flowers and sun make everything better. 

This is hardly a 'make' proper...
but I've been framing and shelving things above other things.

This little collection is over our bed.
Just above some twinkle lights.
Very high school. 

This one is on the parallel wall.

This one lives in Nu's room.
She has a Zebra thing and the cross stitch hung 
in my room as a kid.
My grandmother made a boy and girl set. 

Who knew there was a cross stitcher in my past?

I've been making some rainbow hats to sustain 
Yu's heartbeat. 

We made this one together 
(thus the very wiggly stitch line)
And then she completely rejected it.
Thank goodness Nu scooped it up. 

This little one has no lack of decisive opinions.

And this one?
Ohh I get glimpses of her grown up self already.
Hey Life!
Slow down!

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