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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

L is for...

I am playing along with Katy from as she
Sews through the 26 letters of the alphabet
This week's stitches are inspired by the letter "L".

Lightly Loved!

I belong to this fun group of women,
who for more than ten years have been 
hosting and participating in a clothing swap.


It' super fun! 
Everyone brings things that no longer work
 for them, and with someone new
their threads find a second wind.
Anything left over after the munchies, wine, and Mock-Walk-Off 
(If there's say a Hot item) 
Gets donated to a women's shelter.

Fun, feel good, frugal, fashion, & friendship.
(Perhaps this should have been an "F" post).

Well, this women' skirt had a life
with my friend Jess.
Then I think my friend Nina was tagged to give it some wings.
And many swaps ago when it was put out to pasture,
I thought...
"I've got thousands of daughters,
 a giant pink skirt can find a home with us".


But then time marched on and I did nothing.
And so this most recent swap, I brought it back
with the hope that someone else
would claim this pretty lady.

And no one did.

I was cleaning up the rejects
 and bagging them for the donation bin,
when I swept her up again.

The very next day I did bad things to this beautiful skirt.
I hacked it.
I sewed it straight up the middle.

I ran it thought my serger and broke a needle
I sewed both layers together.
So many crimes committed against this innocent frock!


But in the end.
A pink skirt for the wiggliest girl who loves it with abandon.

And the biggest sister likes it too!

It isn't perfect to be sure, 
but I love the idea that this fabric,
these stitches added to by me,
has another chance at adventure.

 I also love that Nu is swishing around in the same tulle
danced in by her auntie Jessie, and hemmed up by her Auntie Nina.

I love the reuse, up cycle possibilities of things well loved.
 I also get seduced by fabric shops and all the new flashy amazing fabrics out there.


What' s a stitcher to do?

(Everyone looks pasty and walking dead in these
shots, because we are.
Stomach flu?
Then a run-of-the-mill-cold
that makes Nu wake everyone and party at 3am?
"L" is also for "lick."
As in:
 "Don't lick your sister with your cooties!".
Word to the wise)

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