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Friday, June 15, 2012

Red Sweet/Sweat Her

There is this little person I know.

She is growing bigger

in so many ways,
 every day,
every hour
with discoveries at every turn.

And though,
she is finding her way
with increasing happiness
 and success in the world,

she (like all of us)
 still has a very little person inside her.

Unlike all of us,
(but just like some of us)
her little person is often afraid.

 My oldest little person suffers from huge anxiety.

There is a genetic component,

and also a part that is informed by experience.

It can be so powerful
that every step she takes
is about potentially losing her balance
and a world that might not catch her.

 It breaks both our hearts.
It also drives us both nuts.

We work on getting to a place
 where it makes us laugh.

Thank goodness for sisters.

And in this family,
for a fearless sister,
that by her very existence reminds her older
example that life need not be feared.

At the top of life's stairs,
this one tries a different way each time.

 Sometimes the success varies,
but it never stops her from moving forward.

This is one of my many wishes for all my girls.
Keep going,


Stick together
and know you are loved for who you are,

even when you are encouraged to find,
and lose your balance.

those who love you,
big and small
in our own ways...
we will catch you.

Until you learn to catch yourself.

 There are benefits to both approaches to life.

When the oldest is older I'll say,
if it's not working for you
 tell it to kiss your...

But until then,
 I am reminded that inside us all
is a pudgy little self that is wee.

And hopefully,
 still a place where new can be written on old.

Where new experiences
can be tasted without fear

And little sisters (and Mommy's) will adore you,
with whatever you bring.

P.S. Finished the sweater :)


  1. That was beautiful. <3 And so is the sweater. :)

  2. So beautiful... *sniffles* I love your knitting and button choices - stunning and cozy and funky and sweet. Saw the girls at Granville Island - so wonderful!

  3. The photos and comments are so so special. And I loved the cloth book too. The family has got a lot of love!

  4. Wonderful entry. I learned about parenting from it (better late than never). You understand. Your daughters are wonderful.