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Monday, November 7, 2011

Night Night, Sleep Tight

I totally confess to being unwell.
Predominantly in the head.
In particular, an unbridled, and unchecked love for

stuffed animals.

It started when I was young and impressionable.

I remember laboriously tucking each one in at night.
Eventually, telling each stuffed animal good night became so taxing,
that I began a blanket good night policy.

No favorites allowed.
Democracy. Justice & equality for all!
Exhausting-the politics of stuffed animals!!!

I also remember barely being able to move in my bed:
Fraught that someone stuffed would get squished or fall out before dawn.
Only to wake in the morning with half the legions
cast upon the shag below.


The sleep sack for stuffed folk.

My 4.5 year old is very into tucking.
Also, a little OCD about everything in its place.

A little like her mom :)

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