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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Material Devotion

I was never a bag person before kids.

I didn't understand the people I knew who bought bag,
after bag, after bag.
Same with shoes.

But now, I must open my bag,
take out my shoe, insert foot,
and eat words.

I am obsessed.

Not just with the perfect bag
(not too big, not too small, not too heavy,
water resistant, good shoulder strap,
all the right pockets & dimensions etc.)

But, I am also obsessed with this material.
I loooooove it!!

This is my first attempt at the bag, and by adding
too many pockets, and not expanding the depth,
it's not quite right.

I adapted the pattern from OCD, but I think I'll try
again and make it a wee bit wider.
So close.

Then I made another diaper clutch for two sizes of diapers.

And another grab bag for a change of clothes.

If I confessed to making a phone case from the same material
would you diagnose me?

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  1. Looks adorable! And I love the fabric, keep going with it ;)