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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pocket Madness

Since having some shorties I can't go anywhere without pockets.

There are always treasures to store and presents to receive
(of the rock and leaf variety).

When I leave without kids, I am almost giddy to NOT
carry seven bags.
But to leave without pockets?
Well that's just crazy talk.

Not to mention, the wardrobe change window has never been slimmer.

There is no phone booth in my house so I almost always whip out
into kid free land in kid practical clothes.

So I've obsessively been adding gathered pockets to things.

Excuse all the wrinkled and kid stained clothes :)

The gathers hold things in there.
And who doesn't love a cute pocket detail?

And then there's this old girl.

She was mine when I was little,
thus the well rubbed nose.

I made her a little top to keep her snug,
but Nu rips it off her with outrage.

I think she knows bears like it bare.

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