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Thursday, July 22, 2010

We're Back & At it Top

While I was away on my fair journey
I went to my first Quilt Show.
There were quilts, lots of them.
 then there was

Etsuko Furuya fabric

I have a HUGE crush

This is the front of a new Nu top
complete with wrinkles

And this is the back

Isn't this material most excellent?
Stay tuned for more of these tops
I just need to get out of the way of the fabric
And let it rock and roll.

Live action shot to follow.


So fun,
that I had to make another

Only the model was too busy to pose

Pretty sure I'd get kicked out of feminist boot camp if I said
Put down that book and smile pretty

I'm staying in feminist boot camp

they have good boots.

I can't decide which is the front

Or which is the back

I love that I don't have to decide.


  1. Hi! I love the top! he is so cute on both sides!:)

  2. It's so cute and simple! Love it!

    *She's such a cutie! :)

  3. Thanks. I think she's cute, even with the bald spot in the back :)